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Invitation Only Candles are hand-poured and small-batched produced in Michigan. These luxurious aromatic soy wax candles were the product of needing to Invite Love, Light, & Vibrations into my home as we safely quarantined during the start of the pandemic (2020). I was delighted to invite eco-conscious, clean-burning, environment-friendly alternatives into my life without losing a sense of luxury and glam. The icing on the cake was being able to set daily intentions to practice self-preservation and self-care. This daily practice inspired me during extremely challenging times. It was the perfect invitation I needed in my life. 


I curated the Invite Love scent to help alleviate my ongoing headaches & migraines. Herbaceous Lavender and sage fragrance infused with real lavender buds was the essential aromatherapy I needed to help soothe my headaches and anxiety as the world changed before my eyes. 


The Invite Light scent was curated to help boost my energy, productivity & creative intuition. This grapefruit, jasmine, and rose scent was the answer to me utilizing my new-found time and creating content that delighted my soul. This boosting aroma invites an energetic and happy feeling into any space. 


The Invite Vibrations scent was curated and birthed from being sheltered in place and needing to create a complete vibe for thinking, dancing, meditating, working out, and merely existing at home- real high frequency, high vibration. Delicious notes of citrus like mandarin, lemon, and tangerine beautifully balance with smooth, earthy sage leaves. This is my personal favorite and it not only creates a vibe in my space but also within my heart. Definitely a happy place.

This was the birth of the Signature Collection.  The Peace Collection shortly followed and is a fan favorite. My newest Hey Mama! Fertility Collection is here and a personal testament to making it through the toughest times of fertility. 


The Invitation Only Candle product line features specially curated collections (only) because I highly believe in the need to interchange fragrances to invite the desired feeling at the correct moments in time. All of these collections are curated in a way to evoke the love, and intention we all need. Give me energy on a Monday and peace and calm on a Sunday. 

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Kiylise Lowe,

Owner | Chief Candle Producer & Curator

~ You have now arrived by~ 

Invitation Only

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